Manchester hosts biggest graduate jobs fair in the UK

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News Source : The University of Manchester

Graduates seeking their first step on the career ladder are set to visit Manchester for the annual Graduate Recruitment Fair on 11 and 12 June with different exhibitors present each day.

The event, running from 10.30am to 4pm each day at the Armitage Centre in Fallowfield, is organised by The University of Manchester’s Careers & Employability Division and is the UK’s largest graduate recruitment fair this year. In a recent major survey of graduate recruiters*, the Manchester Fair was voted the best in the UK.

Representatives from over 180 different organisations and institutions will exhibit at the fair, with different exhibitors present on each day. There are both local and national vacancies in a variety of sectors. Exhibitors include recruiters, such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Accenture, Aldi, BDO Stoy Hayward, Bloomberg, the Civil Service, Cranfield University, Deloitte, Edward Mellor Estate Agency, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Experian QAS, Greater Manchester Police, HJ Heinz, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Procter & Gamble, The Royal Navy, Schlumberger, Siemens, Teach First, TK Maxx, Zen Internet and many more.

New and recent graduates from all universities can attend this free event and seize the opportunity to find out about permanent and temporary jobs from all sectors, as well as postgraduate study opportunities starting Autumn 2008.

The Fair is an ideal chance for graduates to make a positive impression on several potential employers at once. Graduates are advised to dress smartly and bring copies of your CV. It’s also a good idea to research companies and their vacancies in advance, as you will be able to better impress if companies feel you have done your homework in advance. Check out their vacancies on the A-Z list of companies on the website and click on the video link to watch some of the exhibitor videos.

Visit the Graduate Recruitment Fair website for further information and a full list of exhibitors, at 

Alternatively you can visit to find all the latest graduate jobs. With Meet the Real Me you can shoot and submit Video Cv.


Video CV to Conquer!

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An image is worth a 1000 words, and surely in that case one can well imagine how powerful a video can be!!

A Video CV sure can give a totally new look to the old tedious paper cv and very well stand out in the world of recruitment. It gives graduates a chance to show the real them and enhance their job applications beyond the traditional written CV. And it lets employers see whether applicants have the right personality for their organisation.

And of course it saves everyone the time and effort normally spent interviewing for unsuitable positions. A candiate can put forward all his qualifications , his talents , his achievements and more importantly bring forward his personality through the Video Cv which is not possible with old fashioned paper Cv.

So, I guess that time is not far away when Video Cv will no longer be a cliche for the common layman!


Video CVs – New Face of Recruitment in UK

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Monday May 14, 2007
The Guardian

Having a bad hair day isn’t usually the most pressing concern when you compile your CV. But don’t discard the straighteners just yet – when it comes to impressing employers, that emergency hair appointment could soon be as important as filling in gaps in your employment history.

Video CVs are already becoming popular in the States and, like most US workplace trends (except, thankfully, two weeks annual leave), it is probably only a matter of time before it becomes the norm in the UK – with candidates investing in camera-perfect smiles to land their dream job.

Recruiters in Britain, such as Peter Davies, director of RMS PR, are also enthusiastic. “We are recruiting at the moment and with us being a PR firm, you’d expect candidates to come up with creative ways of selling themselves. But I struggle to remember any CVs that have made me sit up and read them all the way to the end,” he says. “Surely people must be able to come up with something better than a two-page diatribe about their qualifications and so-called ‘achievements’. The first person who sends me a video CV can have a job.”

Recruitment Agencies Shooting Video CVs..

Meet The Real

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We do things differently – because everyone is different

For you, the employer…

We know that a graduate has to have the right skills and personality for your team. So, we carefully screen graduates for each role and let the best ones present themselves to you via their V.CV. You get a fuller picture, and no-one has to waste time or a train journey to help make the shortlist shorter.

For you, the graduate…

We know that who you are and all that you offer won’t fit on a piece of paper. We know how hard it can be to be seen by top companies. So we give you the chance to show the person behind the CV. We record a V.CV, add it to your profile page and host it all securely for you. We then work hard to place you in front of the right employers and get you noticed.

What is MeetTheRealMe?

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Basically, we approach recruitment in a fresh way and give you more than others agencies can. We did our research and discovered what employers and graduates really want. Then we did something about it.

What did we do?

We focused on personality, rather than just qualifications. It is often hard to differentiate one University leaver from another as they don’t often have work experience or training to distinguish themselves.

What they do have is a personality. So we developed a way for employers to see it.


We create a structured video CV and a comprehensive multimedia profile of each candidate, to supplement his or her written application. We call it a V.CV.